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ORA-28014: cannot drop administrative users


While trying to drop an user in a multitenant database the following error is seen:


SQL> drop user <user> cascade;
drop user <user> cascade
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28014: cannot drop administrative users


Creating users via and then trying to drop them directly in sqlplus results in ORA-28014.


The user was created by a script executed via The users created this way are considered administrative users since in that session the parameter “_oracle_script” is set to TRUE.


Avoid creating users by running a script via If the users must be dropped then drop them via as well or set “_oracle_script” to TRUE before dropping the users directly:


SQL> alter session set “_oracle_script”=true;

Session altered.

SQL> drop user <user> cascade;

User dropped.


Note: Be careful when dropping users this way. Some of the users might have been indeed created by scripts supplied by Oracle and might be needed for the components running inside that pluggable database.
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