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ASAP Periodically Raises ORA-00020 in diag files


Following error is generated periodically in ASAP diag file:

ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (%s) exceeded.


This problem can happen for one of the following reasons in ASAP:

1) An operation requested a resource that was unavailable. The maximum number of processes is specified by the initialization parameter PROCESSES is used up. When this maximum number of process is reached, no more requests will be processed.

2) If this problem happens after adding more servers (Example, NEP servers) or NE in ASAP system or after increasing work load and problem happens during pick hour then reason and remedy will be the same as item # 1 (above)

3) If problem happens after certain interval (For example, every 3 or 4 days interval) it may cause due to connection leak and which is normally in custom cartridge code or class -A cartridge code.


Regarding the scenario # 1 and # 2, please consult with your DBA and increase the value of Oracle DB parameter called ‘processes’.

You can follow the steps below to increase the parameter ‘processes’:

1. Stop ASAP
2. Stop DB
3. Increase the Oracle DB configuration parameter ‘processes’
4. Restart the DB
5. Restart ASAP

Solution for scenario # 3:

The cartridge code needs to be reviewed to make sure all the connections from NEP/JNEP to the Oracle DB server are closing properly from the cartridge code.

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