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Useful Commands


Add password file 

srvctl modify database -d stby -pwfile +dr_oradata1/stby/PASSWORD/orapwstby

srvctl config database -d stby


  • copy password file from ASM to local drive

asmcmd -p

ASMCMD [+oradata1/primec/password] > pwcopy pwdprimec.844.1007810343 /tmp
copying +oradata1/primec/password/pwdprimec.844.1007810343 -> /tmp/pwdprimec.844.1007810343

  • copy from local directory to ASM

ASMCMD [+oradata1/primec/password]  pwcopy /tmp/pwdprimec.844.1007810343 +dr_oradata1/stby/PASSWORD/orapwstby


Copy file from TEST to PROD

on test server

scp /tmp

Remove files older then 7 days 

find /acfs/diag/rdbms/dbc/dbc_1/trace -type f -mtime +7 -name ‘*.trc’ -exec rm — ‘{}’ \;




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